Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5-30-2016 Set Apart and Sent Off to Utah

My 'Ohana after being set apart by President Erbe

Traditional picture of the siblings after a setting apart.

I love my grandma!

Dad & Mom

Aunty Katerina, McMillan, and Jaime Aloisio

Family and friends at the airport

Cousins Angel & Kirei, and sister Kau'i and nephew Me'ehiwa.

My last pic with Grandma

My sister Kau'i and her precious ohana

Ohana just before leaving.  Herbert traveled with me to O'ahu on his way back to 


5-7-16 Endowed today in the Kona Hawaii Temple

Here's a picture with my 2 escorts in the Kona Hawaii Temple.  My older brother Herbert (Who first served in Fiji), and my father.

There were many of my family here that attended the session but we forgot to take a family picture.

4-12-16. Mission Call Letter Opening

Click Here to watch: Video of Letter Opening