Sunday, October 30, 2016

10-30-16 I gotta get outta here...

Bula vinaka, hamar bahut julum priwaar!

Do not be alarmed by the title. There is a boy sitting right next to me in the cafe shop blasting super vulgar music and it's pretty freaking uncomfortable so I'm gonna keep this on the shorter side so I can go and enjoy the company of my fellow brethren of God with some rugby.

This past week has been a good one, nothing way out of the norm. Got some great visits and lessons in with some awesome families and individuals. We often approach lessons without a plan, so Elder Mo'unga likes to be that guy where we're sitting in a lesson and he says "Elder Ishibashi has prepared a spiritual thought/scripture that he'd like to share with you today!" then he looks at me with this smug smile, and I have to pull a spiritual thought out of my muli right then and there. I bring this up, however, because I'm glad. It might seem kind of trashy, and it did to me at first, but I'm glad he does it. It allows me to practice what is preached in D&C 84:85:

 85 Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man.

It's pretty awesome how I can gain such an impression in such a sudden moment, and whoever we're speaking to has something to say about it, whether it's how the scripture/thought relates to something going on in their life or it answers a question they've had for a while or something. It also allows me to teach something completely by heart. I'm not teaching something I'm required to teach someone or something I've taught a thousand times. I'm teaching and sharing something that means a lot to me, something I hold dear in my heart, and something I know would help others. It also allows me to leave my comfort zone. I'm reminded of the quote that 'Io shared with River, who shared it with me:
There is no growth in the comfort zone, and no comfort in the growth zone.
You know how you conquer a fear of heights?
You jump.
I've learned that you conquer a fear of speaking by doing exactly that. The nike swoosh has become especially influential to me lately, because of what it represents. JUST DO IT. When you JUST DO IT, you can do ANYTHING. With FAITH and OBEDIENCE to the COMMANDMENTS of the LORD. That, I testify of. 

To address one of the things mom wanted to address, which leads into my next topic, Diwali was definitely interesting.

I think it's definitely safe for me to say that Diwali was "lit". Both in slang terms and in literal terms. Mom, I'm not entirely sure what you wanted to know about Diwali, but from what I understand, the whole celebration is this.
Someone significant (a God or a prophet or someone) went somewhere and fasted for a long time and Diwali is the day they returned. 
Diwali is the Indian festival of lights. Everyone had their houses completely covered in blinking lights and were firing bombs into the sky all day and all night. I'm not talking the little 
Psheeeeewww (firework launching into the sky) .... pop! Red, blue, green, yellow, wow *crackles*
These were straight up B O M B S. 
Some weren't even supposed to be pretty, just loud. Just rockets flying up into the air and exploding. Last night actually sounded like a war movie. People screaming and all. LUCKILY, it was raining way hard all day yesterday so the fireworks were at a minimum and didn't go past 11pm. Ha, luckily for us anyway. But yeah, yesterday was spent visiting families that invited us over for Diwali. I came home feeling like I was going to die. Indians feed so ruthlessly. It doesn't help at all that Indian food is so disgustingly wonderful. I tried to pace myself, I really did. Still coming home with a six pack. I'm actually still full from last night as I write you 9 hours later. I may have already told you but JUST A TIP: If you go to an Indian party, eat slowly. If they see an empty plate, they WILL fill it again. No matter what you say. Save yourself. BUT YEAH that was my Diwali. My first Diwali, and it was lit. 

In addressing the next thing, that "octopus" was actually the top of a bus or tractor stick shift. I'll attach a picture, yeah they're weird. I have no clue what it was doing in front of our gate, but it was there and it was funny. 

In addressing your letters, I'm glad everyone is in great health and spirits! Mom, I'm so happy you found a way to relieve yourself of some of the stress of the work load. The Lord truly is incredible, and I KNOW that as you continue to rely on him with everything that he will continue to help you.

Okay now there are several young boys all over my shoulder helping the boy next to me play his game. I'm gonna go now haha.

I'm glad everyone's all good!! Thank you for the card clarification mom! I'll try it today.
I thank the Lord so much for the blessings he showers on yous and we Elder Ishibashi's every day. Have an awesome week! Be safe, keep up the good work and schooling! Ham aaplogke bahut BAHUT pyaar karta hai! Moce!!

Elder Ishibashi

- Some kids the Waila elders are teaching and baptizing soon! We took them to church yeserday, awesome bunch. 

-It was actually stake conference, and since the carrier that took us all to church arrived late, we were stuck outside the tent. The kids were awesome but super distracting.

Monday, October 24, 2016

10-23-16 Nisa bula bula BULA vinaka hamar bahut julum privaar!

Nisa bula bula BULA vinaka hamar bahut julum privaar!

This past week, for me as well, has been quite uneventful to be honest. We had several awesome visits with the Naiaga family, and we talked about temples this past week! I love teaching about the temple, the importance of IT and the ordinances done therein. My favorite thing about teaching is that as I study and execute these lessons, I'm also reminding myself of these things. As I bear testimony to those I see every day, I remind myself of the reason that I'm out here dong this great work. I've learned in the mission that missionary success isn't based off how bible/Preach My Gospel/Book of Mormon smart you are. It is not based off how much you know. Missionary success truly is based off how much you love the people and how much you desire THEIR happiness and salvation. It's based off your motivation to work and bring people to Christ. HOWEVER, boys, it's still more important than I can even express to study these things as you prepare for a mission. These books have built the testimony I hold dear and share today. These books have wiped away any and all of the slightest of doubts I've ever had about Joseph Smith and this church and this gospel. 

I'm reminded of the Alma scripture I shared with yous weeks back (which I learned was the entire chapter of Alma 29. Check it out, it's wayy good), about Alma the Younger just WISHING that he could preach repentance unto all the world with the voice of a trump. Alma just wants to be the ULTIMATE missionary and reach out to EVERYONE so EVERYONE can be saved. This scripture has been coming into my head lately because a good majority of our work nowadays consists of finding and working with less-active members. Finding is tough because our area is mostly methodist and Hindu homes and families. HOWEVER, Alma recognizes that the work moves at the Lord's pace and not ours, and we WILL do whatever the Lord wills that we should do. He WILL guide us IF we are sensitive to his Spirit and obedient to his commandments. Also, something that is also really important to remember is that this work is NOT about numbers. At all. Something that bugs me is when missionaries focus on the numbers more than the needs of the people. We need to get X amount of lessons this week and do X amount of this and teach these people X amount of lessons before we can reach our X number of saints this month. Yes, it is very very important to reach out to as many people as possible and share this gospel with as many souls as possible, but not NEARLY as important as it is to prayerfully seek guidance and strength and knowledge. When you follow numbers, people often go appointment to appointment blindly to get the numbers in for the week. EVERY appointment and EVERY contact needs to be prayerfully thought out and planned. EVERY lesson must be based on the needs of the person. They are people, they are sons and daughters of God in need of the gospel and the sweet joy it can bring them and their families, they are NOT marks on a page. In closing of this little rant, Alma then goes to tell that the amount of people he brings to Christ does not matter. What matters is that he loves the people and desires their salvation. Numbers do not bring him joy. Knowing the blessings that this gospel has in store for those who are willing to hear and accept it brings him joy, and a joy that fills his entire soul. 

In regards to the letters:

Ahre, papa!
Which, translated into Hawaiian, I understand would be:
Ai aue, makuakane!

I'm glad you're safe, dad! That's way scary!
Lehia, you're unbelievable. Hand gets ripped up by an eel one weekend, stung up by jellyfish the next. YOUS JUST STAY INSIDE, OI LEI. Seriously though, I'm super glad you're both safe and unharmed for the most part. Do me a favor and wait a week or a year or two to do something like that again, ay? Vinaka vakalevu. 
Other than that little thing, I'm glad everyone's doing well!! In closing, what the heck, ek chota gawahi.

Ham apaan gawahi maangta share kare, ham janta hai ki ee susu machaar sachey hai. Hamar paas ek bahut gawahi ki Bhagwaan aur Ishu Masih uulog rahe, aur uulog humlogke bahut bahut pyaar karta hai. Ham janta hai ki Bhagwaan mangta ki humlog kushihro, aur humlog sakta kushiharo kab humlog Bhagwaan ke commandments picha picha chale karo. Ham ee susu machar bahut pyaar karta hai, aur ham ee mission bahut pyaar karta hai. Ham bahut kushi hai, aur ham kam karta hai. Ham ye sub ishu Masih ke naam se kyete hai, Amen. 

I'm actually impressed with how much I was able to write without assistance. Guess I'm improving! I can't wait to speak it to you folks personally in a few months! Oh man, Diwali is next week Sunday. Apparently, sleep is discouraged on Diwali. Nobody will try to stop you, but they blow off massive fireworks all day everywhere until about 6amthe next morning. BUT people go around handing out sweets to houses, which is exciting. It's kind of like reverse Halloween. 

ANYWAYS, we'll be heading out soon so I'll end here. This week, heaps of work will get done! I feel it. I can't believe that in a week, I'll only have as much time left as a sister missionary has altogether. Still salty about that, being cheated of a month.

I love you guys so much, thank you for everything yous have done for me. Give my love to the ward and the rest of the family! Until next week! 

Ham aaplogke bahut pyaar karta hai, moce!!

Elder Ishibashi

Also, can you please have Herbert send me a list of his areas here? Thank you!

-Na beka (bats) There were HEAPS in the sky on Saturday evening!

-Poor guy. Never made it back to the ocean.

-It's hard to take a squad selfie because you have to angle it and look up, and up is where the sun is

-Caught this baby in the chapel a few Preparation days ago and never got around to sharing it. I released it immediately after because it pooped in my hand. 




Monday, October 17, 2016


Namaste, hamar bahut julum priwaar! 

MAN, it's been quite a week. This last transfer was crazy, LOTS of ET's (emergency transfers) and LOTS of changes in the zone. HOWEVER, the work still carries on in its smooth and hastening paste.

It's honestly been a slow week, because we haven't been able to make to the other side at all (where most of our work is) due to bus difficulties and lack of fare. For this reason, I'd humbly ask that you tell me the password for my personal card, haha. While in Labasa, Elder Mo'unga's wallet was stolen, so we've been a little short on funds. I tried it this morning with my "i-n-o-a", but the transaction was rejected. I don't know what happens if I keep trying with wrong passwords, so I left it at that. ANYWAYS, that would actually be a huge help right now, so kerekere!

Despite it being a slow week, one incredible thing has come out of it. Elder Mo'unga and I were able to finish the lessons with the Naiaga family (Eta, Mere, and Sera), they were interviewed on Saturday, and I was able to stand as a witness of their baptism yesterday after church!! It was easily one of the most incredible experiences of my life. They've always been very warm and welcoming of us, but I saw the change in their hearts when our teachings turned from words of sweet curiosity to words of eternal truth. After the baptism, they were given the opportunity to share their testimonies. Their testimonies were the most beautiful I have ever heard. They testified of the changes in their hearts and in their family, and their knowledge of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and this church. They have a deep desire for their father to take the missionary discussions and feel of the joy they do. I love their family so much. I left that service, for lack of better word, pumped. I'm WAY excited to be able to bring people closer to Christ that THEY can partake of this fruit of unparalleled sweetness. We have our sights on a Rabian family who expresses a desire to come closer to Christ, and we visit them often. When we visit this week, we'll invite them to church for stake conference!

Before transfers, our area consisted of two sets of missionaries: Us, the Hindi Elders, and the Waila Sisters. During transfers, they whitewashed the Waila Sisters, replacing them with Elders! Now, our area consists of four Elders: Elder Mo'unga and I, Elder Levasa, and Elder Mckee. After the baptism, Elder Levasa complained to us "HEY. Why are you's teaching Fijians and Rabians?? Give us your investigators, go teach Indians!" He has a point, but hey. Fijian, Rabian, Indian, Tulavuan, Rotuman, doesn't matter. They're all children of God. 

Anyways, that was yesterday. Incredible, and I can't say I'm exaggerating when I say, life changing day. Elder Mo'unga told me that the first baptism in the mission is always HUGE on a missionary, and he wasn't wrong. I love that family, and I'm so excited for them and the blessings the Lord has in store for them. 

In regards to your letters:

I'm glad everyone's doing well in their family matters, in work and in school!

Of COURSE Lehia is flaunting his stuffed up eel bite. That's an Ishibashi. I actually messed up my leg playing rugby a few P-days back, and now I have a SICK scar on my thigh. Completely healed, doesn't hurt at all, don't worry about it. I'm curious to see what new battle wounds 'Io comes home with and flaunts. 

Kala'i straight up just took my babysitting job, and I can't help but feel way envious. I miss those babies, keep them pictures coming sista!

I'm SO happy to hear about Aunty Rose! That's so awesome!! Man, I can't wait to meet her. It's way cool that 'Io will be able to speak to her when he comes home. Speaking of which, Elder Mo'unga and I are making a cake tonight to celebrate 'Io's 21st birthday!! Any excuse to have cake is a good excuse in my opinion, but this is an excellent excuse. 

Anyways, I have to go! I'll start sending the pictures now because they take forever to load. I also have to poop REALLY bad right now and the nearest bathroom is downstairs, but I don't wanna take Elder Mo'unga away from the computer time away from writing, so I can hold it.

I love you guys SOOO much, and I'm overjoyed that you's are all okay! I was not aware whatsoever of the typhoon approaching the Philippines, thank you for letting me know, and I will be praying very hard for 'Io and everyone around him. Happy birthday buddy, here's a typhoon. It's okay, remember what I got for my 16th birthday? The flu, and three days in bed. Vinaka, trials. ANYWAYS, I love you guys so much, thank yous for everything!!

Au lomani kemudou sara valevu!!
Ham aaplog ke bahut pyaar karta hai!!

Mom, "au lomani iko" in Hindi would be "ham tum pyaar karta hai" which, directly translated, is "I you love do". Welcome to the Hindi program. 


Elda Ishibashi

-New District! (left to right: Elder Jones, Elder Hamon, Elder Paki, Elder Levasa, Elder Mo'unga, Elder Wananavu) This was before the last ET. Now, Elder Paki is with Elder Lemusu in Navatuyaba and Elder Levasa is with Elder Mckee here in Waila. 

-Found this sulu and tie in the closet, was left by a previous missionary because the sulu strap was broken. I sowed it back together, and it fits really well! It's a tinyy bit short around the waist, which will change soon, but the height is perfect. 

-You would be pleased to know that I am coming home a master chef. Saturday night, I learned how to make roti! And it was goooooood, oh man. Also learned how to make a mean chicken and pumpkin curry. My wife will be a lucky woman. On a different note about food, we're having dinner with the Maiwiriwiri family tonight. Last time we had dinner with them, we had koko alaisa and panikeke. I'm stoooked. Still coming home with a six pack though. 

-Finished rotis

-Welcome to the Fiji, Suva mission. Feat. Elder Mo'unga and Elder Levasa
Walking back to the Waila flat because SOMELEVASABODY forgot the baptismal jumpsuit in the flat.

-Myself, Sister Sera holding Grace (or Faith), Mere, Eta holding Faith (or Grace), Brother Maiwiriwiri, and Elder Mo'unga at the Naiaga family baptism. 

-Currently feat. Elder Mo'unga

Sunday, October 9, 2016

10-9-16 What an interesting week

Namaste, humar bahut BAHUT julum privaar!

What an interesting week it has been for the Nausori South Zone!

My first note is this bit of exciting/saddening news: I have a new companion! 

President Layton prayed long and hard over how to deal with my companion, and how to address the accident. We received a call on Tuesday from President Layton. The decision had not yet been made, but one of two things would happen to my companion  He would be transferred to Nadi and serve in Lautoka with Elder Howard. That, or his missionary service would end, and his next transfer would be to go home. By another of the Lord's tender mercies, my companion was able to be transferred to Lautoka on Friday. It was honestly really hard to leave him, for a combination of reasons. One being that he was just so homely. He was like a brother to me. He's my mission dad, he showed me how awesome the Hindi program is and how awesome the Fiji, Suva mission is. He loved the people, and everyone seemed to love him back very dearly. Wednesday and Thursday sucked, going around saying goodbye to all our families and being around crying members all day. I saw the mark he left in the Nausori zones. I'll miss him heaps. I felt inspired to, and I did, loloma Elder Mong Yen the Fiji hat. ( a loloma is a parting gift ) The day prior, a member asked for my companionĘ»s facebook, so as to maintain contact post-mission. As they crept through his photos, I saw that he was a hat guy. Usually, the trainer gives their trainee a parting gift upon transfers, but he did much more for me than I ever did for him. He was an awesome companion, trainer, and brother. Yeah, he made a huge and foolish mistake, but we all fall short. I claim him as my mission dad, but now I guess technically I have three dads: Elder Sinden, him, and my new companion, Elder Mo'unga. 

I replaced Elder Mo'unga in Nausori, so Elder Mo'unga had to be emergency transferred from Labasa back to this area to finish my training. Elder Green replaced him in Labasa this transfer. Anyways, Elder Mo'unga is the man. He's way funny, has a great spirit about him, and is an awesome teacher. 

BECAUSE it has been such a weird and stressful week, not much work was able to be done. However, Elder Mo'unga and I were able to go out teaching yesterday and saw some awesome people. We visited Eta and Mere and shared about the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. They're onst saraga, they grasp everything well. Given the shortage of time and number of lessons we have to cover, however, we'll have to postpone the baptism for the next day, Sunday the 16th. We tell them that tonight, hopefully it's not an issue.

It's been a little tough without the truck, but good news! The mission had just purchased two new trucks, due to areas being opened and expanding at this great rate. Elder Mo'unga and I will almost definitely receive a used truck from another area, which would overjoy me because our area is just so big. We can't rely on bus fare and bus schedules to get to appointments and reach out to families forever. We need a vehicle, and it will likely come in at soonest a full transfer. Unfortunate, but we just have to do with the resources we have. I know that with obedience, a way will be provided for us to see the people we need to see, when we need to see them. 

That's pretty much been the last week. New batch of greenies came in on Thursday! Funny story, our batch stressed the heck out of the transfer squad of Suva missionaries and President Layton because our bus arrived at the check-in point an HOUR late. This, because of the heavy traffic from Nadi to Suva due to several accidents along the way. Also, the airport missionaries got us to the wrong bus terminal and on the wrong bus. 

Funny thing about this last transfer is that the bus didn't show up at all. Apparently, these missionaries missed their flight and spent the night in LAX. Our zone leader, now Elder Carlson, was in charge of transfer transportation, and he came over and slept over that night because he was too stressed to drive to his area. It was pretty funny. ANYWAYS, I see a picture of the new intake and they look good and healthy. One of them, Elder Christensen, was called Hindi. Hope the guy's alright. 

Alright, well that was my week! I'll take some time now to write the people I haven't been able to get back to for several weeks. And months. Oops.

In regards to your letters:
Conference was AWESOME. Mom, I think I know which talk you're talking about but I don't remember the speaker. If it's the one where he related the baskets, yes! I loved that one. The scripture in 1st Nephi never ceases to sneak into my head when I hear talks like that, which says that the Lord will never give us afflictions without means of overcoming them. He never gives us more than we can handle, and these trials are always for our benefit. To some people, Jesus doesn't seem to have achieved anything from bleeding in Gethsemane. After ALL that suffering, he was spat on, beat, mocked, and crucified. Because he loves us SO much, HIS reward for his suffering was OUR ability to achieve eternal life. He even asked the Lord, IF it be possible, to "remove [that] bitter cup", but he was still willing. We should all endure to the end, but I like the way this speaker put that principle. He said to endure to the "very last drop". Life has its challenges, absolutely no doubt about it. Life isn't supposed to be easy, but we CAN overcome ANYTHING through. I've been out four months, and I've already faced countless challenges in my mission. However, this knowledge has made everything so easy and absolutely worth it. 

Dad, I'm glad I wasn't in the car too haha. I've been so blessed by this, and despite missing my companion,  there are already many things Elder Mo'unga has taught me that my last companion couldn't. His English deficiency limited what he could teach me with clearance, so most of our language study was finding Hindi words we could liken to Fijian. Elder Mo'unga is Tongan and was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, so he can explain things more clearly which I'm grateful for. Yes, our work will be hindered by the loss of the car, but we'll just have to work extra hard. We'll need to go finding more in OUR area. Most of our work is in the North zone, which we cover, but we live in the South zone boundaries. Elder Mo'unga and I got a return appointment for today as we OYM'd a young man on our way home from Eta's yesterday. They're maybe a good ten minute walk away from the flat, which is awesome! So yeah, we just need to find more people nearby to teach. We're working hard this transfer!

U'i, I love hearing about the kids! I can't wait to see your sassy little babies again. Also, tell Mikel to keep it up! Critique is the best, honestly. When you know what you need to work on, you know where that next step is to greatness! Can't wait to hear and see it when I return, haha.

ALRIGHT I have to go. Give my aloha and hugs and kisses to the whole family, kerekere! Know I'm in perfect physical condition, still strengthening my body, mind, and spirit as well as possible! I love you's all so much, AHRE give me love to 'Io, haven't written that guy in like three months. But yeah, again, I love you guys so much, and thank you for everything!

Aaplog ke julum larkaa,
Elda Ishibashi

P.S. please tell Elder Fong, when or if you can, that he's missed haha. Apparently, he was the man. Also, Kai sends his aloha!

Monday, October 3, 2016

10-02-16 Awesome week

Very little time because today is BEACH P-DAYYY. The P-day before every transfer the Nausori North and South zones get together, as well as the AP's and ZTL's, and qito at a beach nearby our zones. We're leaving in just a few hours and we need to get our shopping done as well, so we're keeping this session short.

Namaste, humar bahut julum privaar!

It's been an awesome week, so here are the highlights! 

Thursday is our service day, and lately, we've been helping the Navatuyaba Elders build a raft so as to allow easier access across the Navatuyaba-Toga river. The week before last, we cut a bunch of bamboo. Last week, we tied it all together and finished the raft! I'll attach pictures, we were so proud haha. When we got it on the water, unfortunately, we learned that it is unbalanced and way small. It will get two people with great balance across the river though, so hey, it's not useless. Plus it was so fun to make!

Throughout the week, we had some awesome visits with some awesome families and individuals. Remember the investigator who came to church for the first time and brought her sister and mom? GREAT visit with them! I don't remember if i told yous their names, but her name is Eta, the sister is Mere, and the mother is Sara. Eta has three year old twins named Faith and Grace, cute saraga. Anyways, Eta has already accepted to be baptized in a previous visit. During our last visit, Elder Mong Yen extended the same invitation to Mere and Sara, both of whom accepted! Eta, Mere, and Sara are all set to be baptized on October 15. I can't wait! 

Okay, shoot. To save time, one last issue I'd like to bring up, and it's important. I'll get back to this, but I thought it was amazing to hear about Herbert's accident, because our truck is totaled as well.

Last night, we had the Toga and Navatuyaba Elders over so travel would be easier for today. At 9pm, the Toga missionaries decided they needed something from their flat, which is about a 30 minute drive from ours. Unless coming from an appointment, missionaries should never be out or driving past 9:30pm. Elder Carlson was adamantly against their leaving so late, but he left it to their free will. Elder Kanongata'a, Elder Hamon, Elder Mong Yen, and Elder Levasa ( Elder Carlson's companion) got in the car and promised to be back before 10pmAt 11pm, Elder Carlson and I figured that they probably decided to sleep at the Toga flat, and we knocked out. They'd taken our phones, so we had no means to contact anyone. At about 7 this morning, the Naitasiri Elders arrived at our flat and told us that they got into an accident at 9:30pm last night coming back home. The truck rolled four times and stopped itself in a ditch. Elder Mong Yen was driving. 

They were picked up from the scene by a nearby member and taken to the hospital. All, except for Elder Ta'a, were able to leave the hospital and spend the night at the AP's home. All left the scene with nothing more than some scratches and humble hearts. At about 11 this morning, the zone leaders brought to our flat Elder Hamon, Elder Levasa, and Elder Mong Yen. It was really hard to see Elder Mong Yen's bandages and his bloodied tie and sulu. Strangely enough, only a few spots on his shirt. They're all okay, Elder Ta'a will be released from the hospital in about an hour. He's scheduled to leave Fiji on Thursday, having completed his two years as a missionary. 

I was mad at them for their irresponsibility and carelessness when I found out they rolled, but now I'm just overwhelmed with relief that they're alright.

I'll attach photos of the truck, which we visited this morning. To me, it's a miracle that they're alive AND in such great condition. The Lord is just and merciful, no doubt. One good thing that came out of this: Lots more walking. My hopes of coming home with a six pack are reborn. 

Anyways, to address your letters!
I'm just overjoyed to know that Herbert is okay, what an incredible blessing. Concerning the marriage, LASHGOOOOWW. Isa, mom and dad, you guys make it like it's been official for a month. But yeah, WOOOO. I come home to a new sister! ( annnd niece/nephew? ayy ) Herbert IS a diamond, man. Give my new sister a hug for me ay??

U'i, HOLY SMOKES. SA DAULASU SARAGA. You just told me you still fat! Only thing still fat is your head, you're wayy small! That's so sick haha, keep it up! Nina you silly bhaini, getting so big!

Anyways, gotta go! Can't wait for conference on Friday!! Judging by your guys' enthusiasm about it, I'm way stoked!

I love you guys so much! I'm in good health , as are all the other missionaries, and I'm loving the work. I thank Heavenly father for everything I have daily, and I pray for your guys' overall well-being every day. Again, I love you guys so much, and I can't wait to hear from you folks again next week!

Au lomani kemudou valevu, aur hum aaplog ke bahut pyaar!

Eldar Ishibashi

Sorry pictures next week