Friday, July 1, 2016

7-1-16 Another week another giant testimony builder.

Bula na naqu matavuvale!

The count down begins! 11 days to Fiji, how crazy is that! I was talking to my district in class about Sunday plans, because a few missionaries and I are planning to do a number in sacrament next week Sunday (since this Sunday is fast Sunday). I brought up the fact that the Sunday after next week Sunday will be spent in a ward in Fiji, and the room fell silent for a few minutes in realization of the short remainder of time we have here. Can't wait! 

Anyways, another week another giant testimony builder. I don't have the notes in my journal I usually bring to the laundry room to remind me what I need to write about, so I'll just try to go by memory alone. I gave a talk on repentance last week Sunday. We're always supposed to have a talk prepared because we never know who's speaking, even if it's you, until President Willes calls the speakers at the opening of sacrament. I did not have a talk prepared to be completely honest, but I gave one, and it was great. I have found that giving talks in sacrament and teaching strangers (which I've been doing quite often) have been enormous in strengthening my social skills. I can stand at the podium for a good ten minutes without my legs turning into jelly now. That night, however, we were spoken to by Stephen B. Allen at the devotional. How. incredible. Wow. His talk was also about repentance, and it really opened my eyes just to how much the Lord loves us. He loves us imperfect beings so much that He gave us His only begotten son to die for the sinners of the Earth, so those sinners can have a chance to come back to Heaven to dwell with Him. How could I cease a single opportunity to thank God for everything He's blessed me with? How could I not sacrifice a few minutes of study for prayer when He sacrificed His beloved son for sinners? The atonement has become such a huge part of my soul, and I will never stop praising Him and thanking Him for what he's done for me.

The last intake of missionaries have been such a great example to me, what wonderful spirits! They're exactly obedient from what I see. Never late to class or bed and never leave the classrooms earlier than they're supposed to. Excellent representatives of the Lord. 

I know Kala'i and Lehia are off at honokaia right now, and I hope they're safe and having fun! Kala'i and Lehia, continue to be great examples unto the youth and a great help to mom and dad. Hou Lehia, first surf competition! First of many, better be. Both of you, never stop pursuing your passions and striving to increase your talents. More than that, however, use those talents for good and never ever prioritize them over your schooling or priesthood responsibilities. Social and physical growth is important, of course, but not as important as spiritual growth. This might just be me justifying my putting aside workout hour to study but spiritual growth is nonetheless extremely important. You guys can never be too prepared to serve a mission, I promise you that. I like what River told me that 'Io wrote him in a letter a few months ago. "There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone." So true. Penina, continue to do well in school and be a helper to mom and dad and your brothers. I'm so glad Fia and Jeremias have you to be an example for them, never stop being you! Tell the Watsons I love them so much, seeing Fia and Jeremias grow up through pictures is difficult but so nice haha. Keep those baby pictures coming. 

Shoot, I can't think of anything else right now. Thanks for all the letters! I'm always overjoyed to know that you guys are alright, so glad! I feel the blessings from you folks trickle into everything I do, thank you guys so much. I am so incredibly grateful and humbled to be here, I know this is where I'm supposed to be at the moment and that the Lord knows us individually. He knows our hearts and our needs and will bless us accordingly, so long as we are diligent in following his commandments. If I think of something else, I'll let you folks know, but this is the basis of what I wanted you folks to know. 

Vosoti au ena vuku ni na noqu vakaviti ca (excuse me for my bad Fijian)

Au via wasea na noqu ivakadinadina .
Au kila ni dina na lotu, kei ni bula na Kalou. 
Au vakadinadinataka ni lomana keda na Kalou.
Kila na gagadre eda na Kalou.
Au lomana na kosipeli oqo, kei au kila na noqu bula sa vakalougatataka baleta na kosipeli. 
Au sega ni rawa ni wawa meu skype kemdou!
Au kila ni kaukauwa ni veivutuni kei na veisorovaki. 
Au lomana na Kalou valevu, kei au vakavinavinakataka ena vuku ni kece era solia au.

I love you guys so much, thank you for everything. 

Au lomani kemudou valevu, moce!

-Elder Ishibashi

-Most of the new intake


-View from my room yesterday morning! Hot air balloons! (According to Elder Price, he only ever sees them Independence day weekend, so this is super cool)

-More from yesterday morning

-Elder Hunkin was sick yesterday so I was confined to the residence for several hours

-Residence studies

-I got to leave for a little while 

-I left for an interview and on my way back to the residence, I stopped by the classroom to pick up my stuff so I could do language study in the residence lounge. I saw my camera was out of its case, and usually when that happens there are some pretty interesting things on there left so graciously by my district. It was through this picture that I found out that I missed a line of DUCKS strolling through the facility just outside our class building. I was disappointed. 

-Writing this morning feat. Elda Hunkin

-Writing this morning feat. Elda Drokadroka kei Elda Mokani

-More this morning!!

-My companions slander me because I get "overexcited" over giant balloons and animals and weird trees and chick-fil-a

-Still trips me out 

-My eyes have somehow shrunk to half the size here


-How can I be like Captain Moroni in the wars that were told?

-Oh, how lovely was the morning

-Let us all press on in the work of the Lord

-Just got back from a long awaited hair cut 


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