Friday, June 3, 2016

6-3-16 First Email Home from the MTC!!

Bula vinaka family!

Oh man. Oooh man, where to even begin. I'm finally here! These past two days have just been incredible. I'll start with my companion and roommates!

So my companion is Elder Hunkin, the boy I think Aunty Jo knew his parents! He's the coolest guy ever, super easy going and easy to talk to, such a strong spirit and he's an awesome teacher! Oh man, my roommates. I guarantee you, I have the coolest roommates in the MTC. My room consists of myself, my companion, and a trio. The trio consists of Elder Tiafala (Born and raised in Mililani, lived in Orem before entering the MTC), Elder Green (from Australia), and Elder Morgan (Kiwi from Australia). Yeap, all polys! (Except Elder Green, but we love him anyway) But the best thing is that as cool as they are, as silly as they are and as loud as they are, their testimonies and spirits are amongst the strongest I've ever been in the midst of. We all clicked so instantly, we're all pretty much inseparable. I love my companion and my roommates, ONE of so many blessings.

THE FOOD. Everything is true, that's all I have to say.

As for the language, and please show this to Herbert, my teacher on the first day was Elder Heath. I walked in, and sure enough, 0 English. Like none. Of course when we were absolutely lost he'd say a word here and there but man, that was tough. I understood him when he said hello and asked how I was doing, I responded in Fijian, then he went off and lost me. He wrote some words down, translated it into "your brother", and I just said "Io!" which seemed to please him. He's a really good teacher, and yesterday we were joined by brother Day who also knew Herb. The language, for me and my roommates are going okay, still so much more to learn haha. We teach our first lesson in vakaviti tonight, so Elder Hunkin and I are squeezing in whatever rehearsal time we have.

I'm doing laundry right now, in the laundry room, because it's P day! My P day is on Friday. Obviously I guess. But yeah, I HAVE A REQUEST PLEASE. I need a lawalawa. Anyways, today we're going to the temple to participate in a live session at the temple right next to us (oops I forget what it's called. The MTC temple.) and I'm so excited! I already feel like I haven't been to the temple in forever. The environment here is so amazing. The spirit is crazy strong, and the thought that we, young men and women from ALL over this beautiful Earth, are here for one reason and one purpose: Because we love our Heavenly Father and our Savior, and to bring to past the immortality and eternal life of man. I love it here guys, so much. I know Herbert said it only took him a few weeks before he wanted to go, but I WANNA GO. Okay my time is actually running low and all the computers are taken and Elder Hunkin needs to write, so I'm gonna let him on. I love you guys so much. Thank you guys for everything, I'm so happy. I really am sooo happy. I don't know enough Fijian to bear my testimony completely in viti, but I'll do the best I can.

Au lomani Kalou valevu, I have an ivakadinadina of noqu Kalou and Jisu karisito. Oh man this is harder without notes, but okay!

I'm gonna let Elder Hunkin on. Again, I love you guys so much, thank you for everything, I hope everything is awesome back home. Know I'm doing fantastic. I love the environment, the food, the speakers, my president (President Willes, Hawaii mission president), my roommates and my companion AND my zone leader (Elder Tui says Hi).

Until next week, au lomani kemudou valevu!

Elder Ishibashi

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