Sunday, August 6, 2017

8-6-17 I'm loving the area and the work!

First of all, soooobo dad no say dat kine! Don't ever worry about being too busy to write, I'm totally aware of everybody's responsibilities at home, especially now! With so much going on, I reckon free time is a tight thing to acquire as everyone's trying to take care of this and that. I learned early on in the mission that when I came out, yous gave me to the Lord for two years AND vice versa. I know the Lord is taking care of yous and blessing my family immensely in my physical absence, and know that he's doing the same for me! Thank yous so much for the check-ups and status reports on blessings obtained over the last week, I can't say how much I appreciate them, but you all have responsibilities in the church to attend to, just like me. PLEASE don't let me get in the way at all of your fulfilling your responsibilities to the best of your ability! Yous making me feel bad! (I mean don't STOP writing me but don't prioritize me)

Anyways, KAISE HAI hamar pyaari parivaar?
This last week was awesome! First full week in Nadi. Nadi actually reminds me heaps of Kona, WAY hot and dry. Almost everything is dead or growing out of cracking ground, but the dry ground does produce what the people here need to get by comfortably, which is great. 

On Tuesday we held the first district meeting of the transfer with the new district, which is a BIG one (I think, 5 companionships)! We had some fire trainings and set a good transfer goal that everyone felt comfortable with after consulting with the Lord about it. After which, we were accompanied by one of the YSA in the ward who came out teaching with us. James should be receiving his mission call soon, and this was the first time he went out proselyting with the elders, so it was good for him. 
I met Shehana and Afrosh for the first time. They're a young, non-practicing Muslim couple and they're waaay cool. We have Afrosh on date to be baptized the first week of September. He has such strong faith in Christ, loves the discussions, and keeps all the commitments we extend to him! He has a smoking problem and has been doing an awesome job at rationing his tobacco since we taught the Word of Wisdom on Tuesday! He'd JUST bought a little pack when we got there and we invited him to ration it until Friday, and on Saturday he'd be able to buy another one (He smoked about 3-4 packs a day, so this would be a big step for him). When we went back on Friday for service, they were both proud to announce that he did it! Shehana is suuuper good for him, way supportive of his efforts to quit and helps him with it heaps. Though she's not quite ready to change right now (though she even shared that it's definitely a possibility that she follow Afrosh into the church), she loves the discussions, asks heaps of good questions and even loves the Book of Mormon and other LDS literature. She believes the things we share, she's just not ready right now to make the change. They're a power couple with a lot of faith and humble hearts. 

When we left their home, and went and met heaps of new people. James was such a big help and I know he'll be an amazing missionary! 

Another family we visit heaps is the Singh family. Elder Kioa and his last companion found 
them last transfer and they're way onst. We usually just meet with Ragni (the mother) and one of her three kids. Ragni previously belonged to the Souls to Jesus church, but as the missionaries have been visiting, she's gained a testimony of the restoration of the fullness of the gospel in these latter-days. She knows the church is true and is on date to be baptized on the same day as Afrosh, but her husband doesn't let her go to church. We're still trying to figure that out, and we will! We're praying that Brother Singh's heart will be softened so that Ragni and her kids can go to church and be baptized.

The next day, we were asked by a less-active member to visit her after a long while of missionaries not coming by. Sherlini introduced us to her partner Amesh and his son, Anish. We learned that Sherlini is a returned missionary, her partner and his son are not members, and that they want to be! They both have a lot of faith in Christ and are really interested in getting baptized, just several things complicate the situation. One of those is that Amesh was never properly educated throughout his life. He can't read, write, or speak much English. Sherlini and Anish, however, are more than willing to help us and Amesh to understand the importance of our message. Another complication is the fact that Amesh and Sherlini are living together despite not being married. Amesh is divorced, but Sherlini's divorce is still pending and the work is being done in Canada, where she was married. Until she goes to Canada and finalizes the divorce in October, they'll either need to separate or Amesh will need to wait for the divorce to be made final AND for them to be legally married before he can be baptized. These things won't affect Anish's eligibility to be baptized, so we may baptize him early just so that the home can have the priesthood in it. We're really looking forward to seeing them again! 
We're way excited to continue to teach these people and help them to come closer to the savior. We met heaps of new people last week, so the next week will be a lot of follow-up appointments.
We're looking at a good week and more new water for Nadi's dryness!

In response to the love: LET'S GOOOOO MAKANA!! You seriously have no clue how stoked I am for him! SPANISH!! HOW SICK IS THAT! Oh my goodness, and what a cool thing for him to set that example for Hoku and his friends. Makana is going to looove his mission and the Dominicanos are going to looove him!  MAN so excited for him! 

Glad everything else back home is all good! Everyone looks so good, thanks for all the pictures I received! I'll respond to the individual emails as well, and I'm running out of time, so I'll close this letter now.

Know we're in great health in spirits, Elder Kioa is still the man and pushes me hard!

"It's okay to be weak when you've exhausted all the strength you could possibly muster. Until then, leave nothing in the tank."

I'm loving the area and the work! 

I love you all, thank you all again so much for the love and blessings I receive as I search the Nadi desert for Christ's dwindling sheep! Have a blessed week all of yous! 

Khyaal rakna, 
Elder Ishibashi

P.S. I feel like yous might know Elder Kioa's parents aye? That Fijian guy knew both our parents and Aunty Sia and Brother Maiwiriwiri know Brother and Sister Kioa as well, just wondering.

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